by Heatseeker

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released February 1, 2019

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Hn
Guest vocals in Semblance by Jami Morgan recorded by Shade

Album art painting by Kane Gordon
Album art layout by Adam Hensley
Photographs by Jeremy Sanchez and John Lee
Logo by Adam's dad


all rights reserved



Heatseeker Florida

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Track Name: Same Mistakes
Tried to tell myself you really cared
But proved me once again that I was wrong
How was I dumb enough to waste my time On someone as fucked you

You never care how I really felt
Tried to make me a convenience

Sometimes I wish that just go back to that time
to feel those things twice

It always ends the same
Just another huge mistake
Am I the one to blame
To put my trust in ones who flake

I’ll no longer hold the blame
I’m done with your games
Track Name: Judgement Day
Were not falling for your new aesthetic
Can’t be yourself and it’s truly pathetic
Unity you seem to ignore
There’s nothing hard about your core

You talk shit that you cannot back
I’d step to you and your coward pack
Unity you seem to ignore
There’s nothin hard about your core

It makes no sense to breed separation
When we all come from the same foundation
Keep running and you'll end up all alone

Seen your kind again and again
Can't fool the mirror you're as bad as them
If you want to clique leave your ass at home

You spend
So many hours of your life
That everything's just fine
You seek
Your scenes acceptance
Next week
They'll forget that you exists

You wrote us off like an act of treason
It seems your here for the wrong reason
Being true was never in your mind

After this you’ve lost all my respect
You use the culture for your own effect
We have no more time here for your kind
You’re on the way out the seekers here to stay
Its judgement day
Track Name: Semblance
I take a look Into those eyes and even I can tell you live behind a disguise
The shit you say it doesn’t add up
And stories you tell can’t seem to backup

True semblance
You’re living through facade
True semblance
Your life is in disguise

You spend your time putting down others
That energy you put to waste as a cover
You say those things to heal your empty soul
When you could spend that time making your life grow

You’re weak
unhappy with yourself
You blame
For the cards you were dealt

You live a lie to hide your identity
hiding your problems to control your serenity
You say bullshit to get others to follow
seems like being yourself is a hard pillow to swallow

You’re weak
unhappy with yourself
You blame
For the cards you were dealt

Time to play your hand

Keep talkin shit You’re gonna get checked
You won’t slander my name anymore
I should have listened to the ones who warned me
They’ve fallen for your lies before
Track Name: Quick To Judge
Here you come to spew your meaningless says
You say I’m wrong again in so many ways
When in reality it’s you who is the problem
For playing their game

You’re quick to judge on my life choices
When you’re the one to listen for the voices
So step the fuck back and save your words for someone
Who’s seeking your praise

I don’t need your critique

I’m content with how my life is
Don’t need your analysis
Maybe it’s time for you to set your focus
On the ones you can fool

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